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  W E L C O M E  T O  M Y  W O R L D!

This is my Story

I was born in Faenza in 1981.

After an artistic education in 2003 I started my career in 2003 when I opened my shop in Faenza (city with ceramic tradition) where I created and sold my ceramic objects, at the time I mainly did the Raku technique. Devoted my studies mainly to materials research using especially ceramic, ranging from forms to decoration.

In 2012 my Nordic lamp project was a winner of the Open Design Award.


My work have been published by various magazines, such as Elle Decoration Italy and France, Casa Facile Italy, Living Italy, Icon Uk.


I currently work cooperating and working on design project for mayor company in the decor and furnishing industry.

I'm a designer of all my product which are 100% hand crafted in Italy.

Me and Nordic lamp, selfie 2012

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